Ecotourism in the Meadowlands NJ

We’ll let you in on a little secret – the Meadowlands Liberty Region, known widely for its sports complex, industry and maze of roadways, is actually teeming with nature that’s accessible to visitors year-round.

Directly across from Manhattan, the region’s natural borders comprise the Hudson River and the Hackensack River, which makes it home to acres of trails, estuaries, and protected marshlands.


Explore the land with guided tours, miles of trails for biking, hiking and walking in dozens of county and state parks.

Explore the water with fishing, boating, canoeing and kayak rides. From March to October, guided pontoon boats reveal fragmites, wetlands, nests and species that you can not see from the mainland.

Explore the sky with special telescope sessions at the Meadowlands Environment Center, or premium birdwatching vantage points.

The Meadowlands region alone has 265 unique species of residential and migratory fowl, 25 of which are on NJ’s endangered or threatened species lists. Liberty State Park boasts more than 200 birds and more than 300 plants, many from around the world, planted when people arrived at Ellis Island and dropped seeds from their native lands. No where else do so many ecotourism assets exist within such close proximity to such a leading metropolitan area.

Take a Boat Tour with the Hackensack Riverkeeper.

Take a Scenic Hike with the NJSEA.