Gun For Hire, LLC

When you finally get serious about sharpening your personal-defense skills, Gun For Hire Firearms Training Institute just minutes away from Midtown Manhattan and Newark’s Liberty International Airport in Historic Belleville, New Jersey is your sure bet.

Called Gun For Hire for short, by those in the know, Gun For Hire Firearms Training Institute was started in June of 1992 by Master Firearms Instructor and NRA Master Training Counselor, Anthony P. Colandro, and has grown to be the number one firearms training academy on the East Coast of the United States.

Why? Well, first, the obvious: Gun For Hire provides the best quality firearms training that money can buy. The well-rounded course of study allows students to master, at their own pace, everything they need to know about defending themselves, their home, and their loved ones with and without a firearm.
Although you’ll most definitely learn everything you need to know about how to safely and effectively use a firearm, you’ll also leave knowing how to turn the tables on someone who means to do you or your family harm; you’ll know how to have the advantage in any dangerous encounter.

It’s All Part Of The Trademark System
The Gun For Hire Immersion Learning System is kind of like taking a soothing, hot soak in the pool of expert knowledge. You’ll learn directly from seasoned, street wise law enforcement professionals how predators think and how to outsmart them, how the gun is just a tool and the real weapon is your mind.

We See It Happen All The Time
Participants walk into the classroom totally green and a little apprehensive, and walk out with the self-assured stature and mindset of a seasoned professional and with a brand new level of confidence, so sound and secure in their knowledge and newly found skills that the bad guys can literally see it in their eyes. Which is oftentimes all it takes to keep you safe. Predators, after all, prey on the weak, not on the strong.

Gun For Hire Caters to the Individual
Every course you take at Gun For Hire concentrates first and foremost on safety. Then, together we go about the process of helping you to master the basics: proper shooting stance, how to hit the bull’s eye each time and every time, how to safely load, unload, clean and store your firearm, you’ll learn all about ammunition, how to choose the proper type and size for your particular gun and need, and the legalities and responsibilities of being a conscientious gun owner.

Once you feel confident, get your mindset right, and can consistently shoot well, we’ll then move on to higher level skills: how to hit moving targets, how to outsmart and disarm multiple attackers, and how to shoot from positions of cover. And because the best dangerous encounter is the one you’re never in, you’ll learn some little known but highly effective battle-tested techniques to help you size up a dangerous situation and avoid confrontation before it even happens.

Gun For Hire’s Immersion System training programs are geared toward students of all levels: from beginners, who have never even held a gun, to veteran law enforcement officers, and members of the nation’s elite SWAT teams. So anyone can pick a course that’s right for them.

The Gun For Hire Immersion System was developed by Master Instructor and NRA Master Training Counselor Anthony P. Colandro, with the understanding that not everyone has the same skill level or physical ability, or wants to learn about the same type of gun. This is why Anthony Colandro designed training courses for handgun training, rifle training, and shotgun training, as well as highly advanced training for security and law enforcement professionals in automatic weapons training, advanced handcuffing, baton and mace techniques, hand-to-hand combat, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. There’s even an excellent program for the physically challenged.

Gun For Hire